The Duck Games!

Welcome to The Duck Games! Through out the summer months of 2014 I will be placing these blue eyed rubber ducks some luck to you all, BUT you have to find them first! Each duck has a number on the bottom. Each duck is worth a prize such a a free session, free print, free merchandise, free tickets to the movies, etc… but the big lucky duck of them all is the Wedding Duck! Who ever finds this duck will win me as your photographer for one full day at your wedding, a $2000 value!! (Prints and CD’s are not included) You must be a fan of The Studio 216 on Facebook first to get the clues in order to finds each duck. The more friends and family you invite to this page, the more posts and pictures you share, the more clues I will give out to the location of the ducks! Why would I give away a wedding? Why not?! Who ever has the drive and motivation to go hunting for a rubber duck damn well deserves a free wedding from me because that is my kind of peeps! Plain and simple 😉 Happy Duck Hunting Folks!