City lights, Fast cars, Cleveland…216

City lights, Fast cars, Cleveland...216

My husband and I drove around for a while before I was content with what I had in my head of the shot I wanted. Nailed it! This is my city… the home of the 216!


The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

At one time children sang, danced and acted on this stage, most likely escaping their own reality, after all, it is acting. Coming from a background in performing I can tell you that stepping on that stage, abandoned and practically destroyed, I still saw sparkles, beauty, lights and felt the warmth of the curtain call and standing ovations as I gazed above and saw ropes attempting to tie back what was left of the curtains hang above me. I got chills head to toe and then was overcome with sadness. People question why I would want to see a dirty old abandoned building? Why not? There are so many unanswered questions that run through my head while I photograph and it amazes me such as why could this beautiful school and youthful stage not be saved? How could the dreams, hopes and future talent of Cleveland just be thrown away and now be a pile of garbage and walls for graffiti? Although I give props to Cleveland for all they are doing to bring the city up, I am saddened to see what has been left behind. To see more images, please visit my Facebook page!

The Studio 216

When I first thought of creating The Studio 216, I imagined it to be a place where there might be a couple of photographers, one being the main photographer and the other the main editor, cranking out images. The more involved I got, the more this changed. The more ideas I had, the more I fell in love with the 216 and the entire Cleveland area!

This photography studio fulfills the needs of everyone out there in every possible way. We offer newborns, bands, weddings, high school seniors, models, boudoir, events with even a dash of urbex photography thrown in the mix for the nitty gritty lovers out there.

The Studio 216 will strive to create everything and anything you desire, not limited to only photographs, but full projects through a creative drive. Photos, videos, and HEY even an awesome shop to offer prints for your walls, antiques, decorations, knick-knacks and pure awesomeness to fill your home and closet.

The merging of different artists with the same drive and passion to bring every customer a perfect package, exactly as they imagine is now what The Studio 216 has become! It is also a place for up and coming photographers to come and learn, take classes in photography and to just have fun! That is how it should be.

The Studio 216 brings you the work of Jill Wilson Photography LLC and many others in any one amazing package that YOU choose to completely fit any, and I mean ANY of your photographic or creative needs. The Studio is now open and we invite you to come experience the energy mixed with complete serenity when you walk through the doors, here at The Studio 216!  ~Jill Wilson, Creator of The Studio 216

“Time passes in the blink of an eye, so quickly you may question if you pressed the shutter button at all.” Jill Wilson, The Studio 216